Sunday as usual – Jan. 29

1. Pokemon Sunday as usual, Jan. 29, at the Corvallis Elks, 2-4 pm. This is short notice, but I’m hoping Bill will run the points or delegate. I expect Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics will have a table set up as usual for all your Pokemon buying needs.

2. LOST: Several items = 2 small red dice (used as life counters), 1 transparent medium size gray Pokemon die (Pokemon logo instead of 6), and 1 poison token. Please, if you picked up any of these items in the last couple weeks, return them to Yael or a leader. We’ve all lost things and know how wonderful it is to have them returned.

3. NO LEAGUE the following Sunday, Feb. 5. Come instead to the prerelease at Corvallis Elks! $25 cash only. See our prerelease page for more details. The Super Bowl will be on the big screen in the adjacent room, and the Elks will have food available for sale! The game starts at 3:30, so prerelease should be nearly over by then (unless there’s a booster draft). Go Steelers…. oh wait…. go Packers… oh wait… go 49ers… oh, forget it… I’m going to play Pokemon.

Have a nice week. Regards, Linda


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