Sunday – May 6: Pokemon as usual

Hello everyone,

1. Sunday Pokemon at the Elks as usual, 2-4 pm.

2. The Corvallis prerelease was fun – we had 42 players. If you need another prerelease, there’s one in Salem on Sunday.

  • A huge thank you to the Elks for letting us play there for free! If you’ve played at other venues, then you know how spacious and comfortable the Elks is.
  • Thank you to Earl for cooking and Billy for roaming!
  • Thank you to Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics for being on site for our shopping needs!
  • Thank you to Big Daddy Snorlax, Mr. Raichu and Momma June for coming down from Portland to do this.
  • And thank you to players from Lebanon, Salem, Portland, Eugene and, well, everywhere for playing and supporting our Corvallis league.

3. The full Spring Battle Roads schedule is up! Go to Corvallis is Sunday, June 3.

4. Let me know if you have questions about anything that doesn’t involve the meaning of life.

The sun is supposed to be on its way. Enjoy. Linda Z


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