Sunday – June 10

Hello everyone,

1. Pokemon Sunday as usual at the Elks, June 10, 2-4 pm except neither Andrew J. nor I will be there (we’ll be at the Salem Battle Road). So hopefully Billy can get out the box and everyone can take care of themselves. Sorry if that seems flaky, but it really only just occurred to me.

2. Corvallis Battle Road was mostly a day of losing for me except it’s always nice to see people – I hope everyone had fun. Congrats. to Andrew J. on his judging debut.

Thank you to:

  • Everyone who was generous and loaned out their cards. 
  • Portland Pokepeople (Mr. Raichu, Momma June, Katie and Nicole).
  • THE ELKS, Billy and Earl for the fabulous space and delicious food.
  • The players for supporting Corvallis.

3. I highly recommend for tournament news (and more): Pokegym at From that page you can scroll down to the event at hand (e.g. Spring Battle Roads). Then look for “Oregon” (there’s usually a yellow or green thumbs-up icon or something in the margin).

Have a nice weekend. Linda Z


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