Sunday – July 1: Pokemon as usual + misc.

1. Pokemon as usual Sunday, 7/1, at the Elks, 2-4 pm. Yeah, it looks like I’ll be there with Connor.

2. Washington is already announcing prerelease dates in late July-early August for the next set, “Dragons Exalted.” I love that the vocabularies of our youngest players will soon include the word “exalted.” I’ll let you know as soon as I hear about Oregon prerelease dates. If you don’t want me for a middle-man, you can check for yourself periodically at PokeGym: (scroll down until you see “Oregon” in the thread title).

3. Nationals are this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, followed by Worlds in Hawaii (sigh) beginning August 10.

4. I had a Happy Meal this week and got a Tepig toy :-).

5. The Modified format for the 2013 season will consist of the expansions (sets) listed below and anything released in the future. Anything released in earlier sets (unless it was reprinted) will no longer be legal in sanctioned Pokemon tournaments like Battle Roads and City Championships (but will, as usual, still be fine to play at Corvallis league).

Black & WhiteBlack & White

Black & White—Emerging PowersBlack & White—Emerging Powers

Black & White—Noble VictoriesBlack & White—Noble Victories

Black & White—Next DestiniesBlack & White—Next Destinies

Black & White—Dark ExplorersBlack & White—Dark Explorers

Black & White Trainer KitBlack & White Trainer KitBlack & White Trainer Kit

McDonald's CollectionMcDonald’s Collection

Black Star Promo cardsBlack Star Promo Cards BW01 and higher.



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