Sunday | Sept. 16

Hello everyone:

1. Pokemon on Sunday (9/16) at the Elks, 2-4pm. (Connor and I will be at Salem Battle Road.)

2. I hope to see everyone the following Sunday (9/23) for the Corvallis Battle Road. (Alas, I’ve always felt that “battle” makes these things sound more hard core than they are. They are not.) Registration is at the Elks from 11-11:45am. It’s free to play. Everyone plays every round (4, 5, 6…. it depends on how many players there are in your age group) – unless you decide to drop early, which is perfectly okay. Let me, Andrew J. or Connor P. know if you have questions.

3. Thank you to Joseph and Kira for their help – Pokemon takes a village.

4. Just a Game Con, presented by Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, is Sept. 29-30 at the Elks.

I hope everyone’s getting into their school routine and has inspiring teachers.

Regards, Linda


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