Sunday 9/30 | No League

Greetings all –

1. We had a fantastic Corvallis Battle Road and sleep over. We owe huge thanks to Elk Billy and Elk Earl for hosting us at the Corvallis Elks and providing breakfast (as well as filling midnight meal orders)! And to Mr. Raichu and Momma June for cake, cupcakes and the fun theme deck tournament! And to judges Nicole and Andrew – and Momma June again – for running the Battle Road, the largest in Oregon yet this season with 90 players. I was so happy to see so many of our Corvallis players in the tournament. Thank you to all for supporting our league and events.

2. No league on Sunday, 9/30, due to “Just a Game Con” at the Elks this weekend. There’s just going to be too many people and too little space. Sorry for any inconvenience.

3. Battle Roads in Springfield and Eugene this weekend.


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