Sunday, Oct. 7 | League

1. Pokemon at the Elks on Sunday, 10/7, 2-4 pm, as usual. Linda will be there.

2. The next set of promo cards and scorecard from Pokemon won’t be here for several weeks (due to a longer lag period after Worlds than in the past).

3. Battle Roads – It was great to see Corvallis players in Eugene and Springfield! Josh M. made top four in juniors in Springfield, and Connor P. made top four in seniors in Springfield and Eugene! Congratulations to them and all who had a good time. Zach, thank you for the loan. šŸ™‚

4. Boundaries Crossed will be released on Nov. 7 with more than 140 cards. You can preorder a box (36 packs) from Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics for $90.

5. Corvallis will not have a prerelease tournament for Boundaries Crossed, but you can catch one in Salem or Eugene. The price has gone up to $30. Details at

Go Beavs.


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