Sunday, Jan. 13 | League as usual

Greetings everyone. I’m waiting excitedly for it to snow here, but the prospects are increasingly less.

1. Play Pokemon on Sunday, 1/13, as usual at the Elks, 2-4pm.

2. The Corvallis City Championship had a great turnout of 70 players. Thank you to June and Donna for coming down from Portland to run the event. Andrew J. and Josh (Lebanon) made top cut in Masters – congratulations.

3. The Pokemon sleepover was fantastic too. Lots of kids and supportive parents. Huge, huge thanks to the Elks Lodge – and especially Bill and Earl – for hosting this unique experience. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, there were definitely zombie-like people shuffling around; I hope everyone recovered from the lack of sleep and had fun.

4. Next up: Regional Championship in Salem on Jan. 19-20. Many side events in addition to the tournament. Free! (I may need someone to run league that Sunday – not yet sure.)

5. If you haven’t already done so, you can order a free badge case on your Play! Pokemon account page.

Thank you for supporting our league, Linda


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