Sunday, Jan. 20 | League as usual

Hello everyone,

1. Pokemon at the Elks this Sunday, Jan. 20, as usual, 2-4pm. (This is contrary to what I told some people last Sunday.) Bill will run things – Thank you, Bill!

2. NW Regional Championship begins Saturday, Jan. 19, at the state fairgrounds in Salem. Anyone with a legal deck can participate – it’s free. Registration begins (and doors open) at 8am. There are also fun side events. The “top cut” finals and the video game championship is on Sunday. Details at

3. The next set – Plasma Storm will be in stores on Feb. 6. If you’re interested in ordering a box, check at Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics (the sooner, the better) to see if it’s not too late to pre-order.

4. It’s great to see new faces at league.

Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Linda


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