Sunday, 9/15 | League as usual

1. League as usual at the Corvallis Elks on Sunday, 9/15, 2-4pm as usual.

2. FYI: The Eugene league is holding a $5 tournament on the next two Sundays, 9/15 and 9/22. More info. at

3. Various Regional Championship dates: California (in Pleasanton) Oct. 12, BC (in lovely Vancouver) Oct. 19, and NW (in Seattle) April 5.

4. League Challenge (formerly known as Battle Road): I’m still hopeful Pokemon will provide more details on how to organize these local tournaments. Meanwhile, I applied to be a “Tournament Organizer” – I don’t know what the standards are or whether or not I’ll be accepted.

5. This is looking way ahead, but just so I don’t forget: There will be no league on the Sundays following Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Go Beavs. Linda



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