Sunday, 3/2 | League as usual

1. Pokemon as usual on Sunday, March 2, at the Elks, 2-4pm. (I plan on being there.)

2. I debated with myself on if and how to say the following. We have some stuff missing from the league supply box. The stuff has little or no monetary value: I just get really hung up on principle, and it bums me out that someone would take stuff that is intended for kids. If any of you come across league stuff that is not yours, you can turn it in to the Elks: they won’t know who you are, and, in turn, I won’t know who you are. As for everyone else, please keep an eye on your things.

3. Reminder: Oregon State Championships, Saturday, March 8, in Salem. Best of 3 for ALL age groups. Masters have an entry fee of $20.00. More info at

Go Emboar.