Sunday, 3/16 | League as usual

1.   League as usual on Sunday, March 16, at the Elks, 2-4pm. (I plan on being there.) (FYI, I won’t be at league March 23 or April 13 due to conflicts.)

2.   It was GREAT to see so many Corvallis players at the Oregon State Championship! Nick, Noah, Krystin, Megan, Connor, Andrew, Tim and Brendan. And Terry (who I didn’t see at the tournament, but I saw his picture in the paper the next day). And honorary Corvallis players Josh, Zion and Victor.

3.   I was finally able to order the next round of supplies (Xerneas) from Pokemon. The company had cut off my access (due to a paperwork backlog at its end) but has welcomed me back. The shipment will take a few weeks to get here.

4.   League Challenges. Andrew has been approved to be a tournament organizer, so hopefully we can get some of those scheduled. Stay tuned.

5.   Speaking of supplies, this is what we’re working with:

League Order for Corvallis.You are ordering for the Xerneas season. You have reported 31 total players. 13 players have Play! Pokémon accounts. Based on league ordering restrictions, you will receive supplies for 20 players.

The “league ordering restrictions” are this: For each person that has a Play! Pokemon (PP) account online, we get season supplies for one person (1 scorecard, 2 promo cards, 2 online code cards and 1 gym badge). For everyone else, we get supplies for 1/2 person or less, depending on the math, as I show below.

31 total attendance – 13 with PP = 18 without PP account; half of 18 = 9
So 13 (with PP) + 9 = 22

However, supplies come in packs of 20, and we only get 1 pack of each thing. Sad, right?

I sent the February attendance list by e-mail to players on the e-mail list. If your name does not have an asterisk next to it, then I’m afraid you don’t have a PP account. You may have a Trainer Account (that’s the first step) but not a PP account. I’m not making this up.

If someone can bring a laptop to league, I might be able to show people the way. I have instructions under the Play! Pokemon tab above, but the Pokemon site has recently been redesigned, and I don’t know if the route to a PP account is the same as it was.

Okay, whew, that was a long one. Thank you for supporting league. I love Pokemon. Linda Z