Sunday, 9/7 | League yes + more

Hey all,

We will have Pokemon League from 2-4pm as usual this Sunday at the Elks.
I had mentioned about doing a fun tournament coming up and I think that we should do it on Sunday 9/21. I’m thinking that we should have 2 brackets for the tournament: Competitive and Recreational. This is not a sanctioned Pokemon tournament; this is just something fun for our league. I would like to know from you all who would like to participate and which bracket you/your kids would like to enter, if any. Please let me know either this Sunday at League or next Sunday which you would like to enter. I will determine if we need age brackets based on interest.
In other news, Pokemon TCG had a rotation happen for upcoming competitive tournament play. If you are interested in attending Fall tournaments, the Standard format for Swiss Rounds is Boundaries Crossed-on and BW Promos 51-on including XY Promos. I believe tournaments in the Fall will be doing a new Expanded Format which is Black & White Base Set – on. If you are interested in attending competitive tournaments this Fall and need more information, please talk to me at League.
See everyone soon! Tim