Sunday, 9/14 | League yes + fun tourney on 9/21

Pokemon League will be from 2-4pm this Sunday at the Elks as usual.

Fun Tournament

 Next Sunday (9/21) I’m going to do a fun tournament for our league. This is not an official tournament through Pokémon International and therefore will not count towards any Championship Points.

NOTE: If you do not want to participate in the tournament, you are still welcome to come and play/trade with others like any other league time.

Now, for the tournament there will be 2 divisions: Competitive and Recreational. You may only enter 1 division. We will do 25-minute single game matches, and I hope to get 4 matches in for everyone (since we only have 2 hours). We will start the tournament just after 2pm, so please get there promptly for the first round.

This is for more experienced players that think they have a competitive deck. This division will use the new Expanded Format which allows cards from Black & White Base Set and onward. Pokemon EX WILL be allowed in the competitive division. If you are unsure of which cards you can use, please email me information about the card or talk to me at League this Sunday. See the bottom of this link about the Expanded Format:

This is for more casual or inexperienced players that may not have all those Pokemon EX or a competitive deck. This division will use the Unlimited Format which allows any Pokemon card printed (any set). However, Pokemon EX WILL NOT be allowed in the recreational division to make a fair playing field for everyone.

Everyone will make their own 60-card deck; no proxy/fake/world championship deck cards allowed. Remember that you cannot have more than 4 of any named card in your deck except for BASIC energy cards (unlimited amount) or ACE SPEC cards (only 1 Ace Spec). See the examples below.

  •  EXAMPLE: Squirtle has been printed in many Pokemon TCG sets and they all have different attacks/HP/etc…You can only have up to 4 Squirtle in your deck, no matter which sets they come from.
  •  EXAMPLE: For the competitive players, Pokemon like “Yveltal” and “Yveltal EX” have different names (the “EX” is part of the name). So you can have up to 4 regular Yveltal and up to 4 Yveltal EX in your deck.
  •  EXAMPLE: ACE SPEC cards are very powerful trainer cards that say ACE SPEC down the side of them (they are holographic as well). You may only have 1 total ACE SPEC card in your deck, so choose wisely if you have one.

I do not think I will have time to do any deck checks on the 21st so if you have questions about your deck choices, please ask me through email or at league this Sunday.

Please let me know this Sunday (or by email if you cannot make it) if you or your kid(s) would like to participate and which division you will enter. Some of you have already told me, so that’s great and I have you down.

Thanks, Tim