Sunday, 10/12 | League + additional info.

1. We will have Pokemon League as usual this coming Sunday 10/12 at the Elks Lodge from 2-4pm.

2. For anyone that is interested, the first weekend of Autumn Regionals happened in Philadelphia and Phoenix this past weekend. There was a rather surprising dominance of an Yveltal EX/Seismitoad EX/Garbodor deck at Philadelphia whereas the Phoenix regional had a bit more diverse top cut. You can check out what decks made top 32 on day 1 and what decks made top 8 in the new Expanded Format of day 2 here:

This coming weekend there is a regional tournament in Houston, TX. The following weekend (10/18) will be the regional tournaments closest to us. Unfortunately these take place in Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA so they are quite a bit of a drive. Hopefully the Winter or Spring regionals will be closer to us. Let me know if you need more information about these tournaments.

3. A Phantom Forces prerelease event is coming to Corvallis on Sunday, Oct. 26. More details to follow.

Thanks and see you all soon.  Tim