Corvallis City Championships, Dec. 13, 2014

Trading Card Game

Registration begins at 11am and the tournament could go as late as 6pm depending on the number of people playing.

The format will be Standard (Boundaries Crossed – Phantom Forces).

Juniors and Seniors (Born 2000 or after) will play at no cost.

Masters (Born 1999 or before) will have a $10 entry fee.

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Video Game


Alpha Series Premier Challenge tournament – earn some VG Championship Points at a Premier Challenge! Bring your 3DS and Pokemon X or Pokemon Y game. There will be prizes for the top finishers, and everyone will have a chance to win raffle items between rounds. The winner of each age division is guaranteed at least a $10 gift card, and if enough people play the prizes go up in value. We will use the VG Standard Format (see the Play!Pokemon VG Rules and Formats, section 9, on for more information). You’ll be required to turn in a Team list when you register. Please have your DS fully charged when you arrive.

Corvallis Registration – 3:00 PM (time may be extended due to the TCG City Championship)