Sunday, 11/2 | League + more news

Hey all,

We will have Pokemon league this Sunday (Nov. 2) from 2-4pm at the Elks Lodge as usual.

One of our players, Matt, has set up a new Pokemon league in Albany, OR. The league will meet on Saturdays from 11am-1pm at the Matt Cave (425 SE Jackson St). This is the companion store to Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics here in Corvallis. I do plan to go to this league when I can, and I will be going tomorrow. If you want more Pokemon time, I encourage you to attend.

Don’t forget that I also set up an additional competitive Pokemon night at Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics on Thursday nights starting at 5pm and going until about 7-8pm, depending on interest. If you are interested in competitive play and attending sanctioned tournaments this year, I encourage you to attend this night as well.

Speaking of competitive play, Corvallis will host a City Championship on December 13 (a Saturday) at the Elks Lodge. I do not have much information on time, format or prizes or anything, but I will let you all know when I hear more.

See you all soon! Tim